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How you can help

Fundraising Events

You can help make the Heartsong Songs of the Heart Gala a great success in many ways: Purchase tickets and attend, make a donation, submit a journal ad and/or become a sponsor of the event!

Purchase Tickets/Attend!

We hope that you, your family and friends can all attend this exciting event!  The tickets are only $10.  This is a great way to show your support for our Heartsong families and help to honor Haley Grace Kulsar and Allegra Themmen-Pigott.  We would love to see your happy faces on our Zoom screen (or your names on the list of attendees).

Can't Attend?

Make a donation of any amount to help support the Heartsong families through our Creative Art, Music and Dance/Movement Telehealth and In Person therapies.

Purchase a Journal Ad!

Did you know Haley and/or Allegra? Were you or someone you know a Heartsong participant? Do you know anyone with special needs? Share you good wishes by placing an ad in our on-line Gala Journal. The Heartsong families will so appreciate hearing your thoughts and your ad donations will enable even more Heartsong families to experience the therapeutic benefits of our Creative Arts sessions.

Become an Gala Event Sponsor!

There are many wonderful benefits to becoming a Songs of the Heart, Heartsong Gala event sponsor, but the most important benefit is the support you will giving to our Heartsong families. During these challenging times, these families need Heartsong even more than ever. Heartsong offers one of the rare community outlets to bring joy and creative opportunities to isolated families. Please help to support these essential programs and become a Heartsong event sponsor!


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