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Some commonly asked questions

What creative arts therapy modalities does Heartsong offer?

Heartsong offers 3 distinct creative arts therapy group modalities: art therapy, music therapy, and dance/movement therapy. (See above for specifics about each modality). Individual creative arts therapy is also available upon request.

When/where does programming take place?

Our in-house group programming takes place on Saturdays in our White Plains, New York office. The building is fully equipped for those with special needs.

How long is each group?

Each group is 45 minutes in length.

How is group placement determined?

Group placement is based on each individual’s functioning level, modality(s) of interest, and age.

Who leads the groups?

Groups are led by certified and licensed creative arts therapists and assisted by interns and volunteers.

Are there clinical goals for each group member or are they taking part in the group just to have fun?

In addition to enhancing social skills and communication within the group, each therapist focuses on clinical goals for each group member. Although groups are always fun, therapists are working towards meeting specific therapeutic goals. Creative arts therapy groups are different therefore from art, music, and dance classes as they are not focused on teaching a particular skill. Instead, the focus is on meeting specific clinical goals.

Is Heartsong accessible by public transportation?

To reach Heartsong by public transportation, take the Metro North (Harlem Line) to the White Plains stop. Walk (approximately 10 minutes) or take a taxi from the Metro North station to 277 Martine Ave.

Is parking available?

If you are driving to Heartsong, you can park in the adjacent parking structure. The parking fee is $1 per hour.

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