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Telehealth is a simple, effective way to receive excellent creative arts therapy from the safety from your own home.

We started our program in early 2020 when it became clear that our clients were feeling isolated and needed a way to safely connect to others.

Our platform is easy to use, so that therapy time is spent doing therapy versus struggling with technology.

Common Questions:

  1. Which platform do you use? We use Zoom, as this is the most used platform and is very simple to set up.
  1. How will I know when to start the session? Once you are registered and scheduled with Heartsong, our therapist will send you an email several days prior to the session with the time, link and which objects you may need.
  1. Will I need to buy anything for the sessions? Therapists know that you may not have art, music, or dance materials at home, so they use some of the common objects you have around. They have been creative, such as helping family members make shakers from plastic containers or using coffee to create a means for your loved one to paint.
  1. What is expected of me, the caregiver? We require that you or another competent adult be present for the entire session to help assist the client physically and help them focus. Being in the sessions has brought some family members together. Caregivers from past Telehealth sessions shared that they felt closer to their loved one after engaging in sessions, and they enjoyed getting to know them in a different capacity.
  1. What else can we do to help make the sessions as effective as possible? We ask that the client sits at a table in a chair with a rigid back. We also ask that you arrange for pets and siblings to stay out of the therapy room.
  1. How long will Heartsong be doing Telehealth sessions? We will continue to provide Telehealth services for as long as they are useful in keeping our clients safe.
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